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Current Issue

Date December 2015
Vol. No. Vol. 25 No. 4
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.14329/apjis.2015.25.4.784
Page 784~804
Title Are Negative Online Consumer Reviews Always Bad? A Two-Sided Message Perspective
Author Jumin Lee, Se-Bum Park, Sangwon Lee
Keyword Online Consumer Reviews, Attribution Theory, Inoculation Theory, Two-sided Message Framework, Negative Reviews
Abstract This study investigates the effects of a two-sided message on product attitude and purchase intention by using a message structure variable, such as attribute importance in the context of online consumer reviews (OCRs). Study 1 explains the previous inconsistent results of a two-side message by comparing a one-side message and a two-side message by using the attribute importance in negative reviews. Study 2 determines the reasons for the inconsistent results of a refutational two-sided message research by using the attribute importance in negative reviews and website trust. Two experiments are designed to test our hypotheses. The first experiment is a 2×2 factorial design with 84 participants. The second experiment uses a 2×2×2 factorial design with 196 participants. In study 1, two-sided OCRs are more credible than one-sided OCRs, and two-sided OCRs that use low important attributes are more effective in making favorable product attitude/purchase intention. In study 2, refutational two-sided OCRs that use high attribute importance render positive effects on product attitudes in trustworthy websites. However, the refutation could negatively affect product attitude/purchase intention in low trustworthy websites.

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