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Current Issue

Date June 2020
Vol. No. Vol. 30 No. 2
DOI https://doi.org/10.14329/apjis.2020.30.2.374
Page 374~396
Title Validation and Modeling of Drivers and Barriers of Multivendor ATM Technology in India from Suppliers’ Perspectives
Author Jyotiranjan Hota, Saboohi Nasim
Keyword Multivendor ATM Technology, Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM), Total Interpretive Structural Modeling (TISM), Hierarchical Structures
Abstract The purpose of the paper is to apply Total Interpretive Structural Modeling (TISM) used to develop a hierarchy among the key drivers and barriers to multivendor ATM Technology adoption in India from the perspectives of suppliers. TISM approach is an extension of Warfield’s (IEEE Transactions: System, Man & Cybernetics 4:405–17, 1974) Interpretive Structural Modeling(ISM) approach. Based on the literature, drivers and barriers for adoption of Multivendor ATM Technology are identified. TISM is used to develop a hierarchical model which states the interpretation of relationship among these drivers and barriers. Hierarchies of all relevant drivers and barriers are developed and significant interrelationship was found out. Implications for the researchers and Industry Practitioner are highlighted. For Researchers, TISM methodology facilitates to further carry out exploratory studies by identifying the factors in technology adoption domain and focus their interactions through hierarchical structures. For Practitioners with suppliers, a list of relevant barriers and drivers to adoption of this technology in India are indications to take a decision to adopt Multivendor ATM Technology in their respective suppliers. The proposed Model developed through qualitative Modeling technique has been accomplished from the perspectives of suppliers in India in the domain of multivendor ATM Technology for the first time in ATM Banking as a contribution to the Literature.

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