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Current Issue

Date March 2022
Vol. No. Vol. 32 No. 1
DOI https://doi.org/10.14329/apjis.2022.32.1.125
Page 125~150
Title A Study on the Effect of Anthropomorphism, Intelligence, and Autonomy of IPAs on Continuous Usage Intention: From the Perspective of Bi-Dimensional Value
Author Ping Wang, Sundong Kwon, Weikeon Zhang
Keyword Anthropomorphism, Intelligence, Autonomy, Utilitarian Value, Hedonic Value, IPAs
Abstract Technology companies launched their intelligent personal assistants (IPAs). IPAs not only provide individuals with a convenient way to interact with technology but also offer them the opportunity to interact with AI in a useful and meaningful form. Therefore, the global IPAs have experienced tremendous growth over the past decade. But maintaining continuous usage intention is still a massive challenge for developers and marketers and previous technology adoption models are not enough to explain continuous usage intention of IPAs. Thus, we adopted the bi-dimensional perspectives of utilitarian and hedonic value in this research model, and investigated how three characteristics of IPAs - anthropomorphism, autonomy, and intelligence - affect utilitarian value and hedonic value, which in turn continuous usage intentions. 227 data were collected from IPA users. The results showed that IPAs’ continuous usage intention is significantly determined by both utilitarian and hedonic value, with the hedonic value being more prominent. In addition, the results showed that anthropomorphism and intelligence are the most important antecedents of utilitarian and hedonistic value. The results also illustrated that autonomy is a crucial predictor of utilitarian value rather than hedonistic value. Our work contributes to current research by widening the theoretical understanding of the effect of IPA characteristics on continuous usage intention through bi dimensional values. Our paper also provides IPAs’ developer and marketer guidelines for enhancing continuous usage intention.

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