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Current Issue

Date June 2023
Vol. No. Vol. 33 No. 2
DOI https://doi.org/10.14329/apjis.2023.33.2.468
Page 468~512
Title Sustainable Information Technology and Information System: A Systematic Literature Review, Taxonomy, and Agenda for Future Research
Author Parvathi Jayaprakash, Rupesh Kumar Pati
Keyword Sustainable IT-IS Taxonomy, Literature Review, Green IT, Green IS, Taxonomy, Comparative Analysis
Abstract Sustainable Information Technology (IT) and Sustainable Information Systems (IS) were synonymous with Green IT-IS until recently the studies focused on sustainable IT-IS encompassing the interaction between economy, society, and environment. Here, is an attempt to understand the development in the emerging field of Sustainable IT-IS from Green IT-Green IS. The studies in the area of Sustainable IT-IS spare address diverse topics. This study attempts to provide a framework for the field of research and indicate potential research directions in the sustainable IT-IS domain. A detailed comparative analysis approach of 296 papers has been used to understand the progress of management research in Sustainable IT-IS vis-à-vis Green IT-IS. The review analyses the collated literature to understand the trends across the study period, development across various economies/ geographies, methodological approaches used, behavioral and theoretical aspects investigated, and finally, develop a taxonomy based on identified theses in the field of study. The study highlights that developed countries focus more on studies on the Sustainable IT-IS domain compared to other economies. It was evident that sustainable IS has received very limited focus. The study identifies 7 major themes and 29 subthemes forming the area of study during the evolution of Sustainable IT-IS through Green IT-IS. Subsequently, taxonomy was proposed to identify future research initiatives for investigation. The review comparing the evolution of research on managerial issues on Sustainable IT-IS vis-à-vis Green IT-IS is provided perhaps for the first time. The study provides an avenue for future research in the upcoming domain of Sustainable IT-IS.

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